Five Key Steps on How to Set Up a Blog


A blog, in simple terms is a website where you can post written content. The written content could be your own personal opinion or perspective about many issues like fashion, cooking, politics, among others. There is a comment section which you can use to gauge the traffic on your website and the general interest it is generating, interact and help you promote your blog. A blog can enable you write your story to a target audience, interact and make money.This article gives five steps on how to set up a blog .

1) Choose the name of the blog.

A blog name should be unique, descriptive and easy to remember. It really should be the topic of your blog. A blog site about farming for instance should have some term to do with farming in the blog name. A personal blog could best do with your name. A blog name is inadmissible without a domain extension, such as dot-com(.com), dot-org(.org) or dot-net(.net). If the blog name has already been used, you can add one or two characters to your blog name such as a dash (-).

2) Choose your blog host and blog software.

The most popular blog software is WordPress, with an estimated 72 million users. This is because it is free, secure, easy to use and customizable. Others are Tumblr and Blogger. A blog host is the organization that stores your blog on their servers. They include, Hostgator, Bluehost, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Joomla among others.Click on the host website then choose the most basic plan for starters (you can update your plan later when your blog starts gaining traffic). After this, fill your domain name and billing details. Every blog host have their own procedures in this step but the end result is that you will fill your blog details ,pay hosting fee then create your own password.

3) Log into your blog and make suitable adjustments.

You will log in with the password you created after receiving an email confirmation of your details. After log in, install the blog software. Then you are free to customize your website with appropriate themes, web details, some introduction etc.

4) Write and publish your first post.

Now, with full administrator privileges, you are free to write your first post, edit it then publish. This is actually the main reason why you created the blog, and probably why you are learning how to set up a blog. Write about the things you are passionate about. If you love photography, you can share your knowledge and experiences about it. If you love extreme sports such as motor cross, you can share your reviews about your personal choice of motorcycle accessories like helmets, jackets, GPS, etc.

5) Publicize or promote your blog.

Your blog can only be effective if it reaches your targeted audience. Therefore, it is prudent to promote it. The most effective way is to share the link on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, where your friends too can know about it and help you market it. Alternatively, maintain the people who visit your blog, keep them coming by interacting more with them at the comment section, or sending an email to each of them. You can use your blog to market your products or sell advertising space based on the number of people who visit your blog. Some also use the advantages of PBN to increase their blog’s visibility in search engines.

Final Words

In conclusion, it is quite easy to create your own blog whenever you are ready. The fee charged by blog hosts is also usually low, and most of them offer a discount, and a payment plan. For a practical step by step process, check out

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