The newest cryptocurrency that is set to be launched is Electroneum. 2.2 billion smartphone users worldwide have been targeted .

This is the first extremely easy to used cryptocurrency that even people without technology can understand and use and make it as your best passive income opportunity.

As long as you’re willing to make a small investment and waiting for it to grow, you can easily do this via your mobile phone.

An Electroneum now costs $0.01. If you ever grow up to $1, you’ll still benefit from it.

But if you do not invest, you can use Electroneum in other things: bet on live sports, buy online games or send money to others.

Electroneum is the best cryptocurrency coin to watch out for now. Here is a short video below about electroneum I’ve found in YouTube:

Based on its easy access for smartphone users and other benefits, Electroneum can be
the cryptographic currency with the best future now.If it is active with crypotcurrencies, it is no secret that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular so far.

Between Bitcoin and Ethereum, Bitcoin is the most value-able cryptocurrency for now. A bitcoin equals about $4,880 it was $0.08 in 2010. A single Ethereum is been sold for $300.70. It is much younger than Bitcoin, but growth is rapid.


1.It’s payment is secure and safe

One of the things that distinguishes Electroneum from other digital currencies is its level of security.

Electroneum prevents hacking from the wallet. You can create as many offline wallets as possible to make sure your money is safe.Offline wallet can be created free of charge by everyone.

2. This is the right time to buy it because value is low now.

At present now the value of Electroneum is very low, So it is the right time to invested on Electroneum and benefits from it later, because it bound to rise in the future.

3. Transaction is faster.

Bitcoin and Ethereum users are always facing slower transactions.

The wait for Bitcoin is approx. 10 minutes while Ethereum can take 5 minutes. .

In the case of Electroneum, the team has ensured that 2.2 billion mobile users can perform very fast transactions.

You can make direct transfers from one game to another or send money to your friends quickly.

4. Electroneum is easy to mine.

For people to operate Electroneum cryptocurrency, all they need is a simple free app.This is the first time that a smartphone application for mining has been developed.

I guess that wrap ups everything for now. Passive income opportunities are all over the internet today. It’s up to you to decide where to invest your money. Just always remember never to invest more that you’re willing to lose. In my case, I stared with USI Tech after reading a legit review about it on Crypto Trading Reviews. So far it has been generating good money for me and I surely hope it continues.

5 Simple Tips to Guide You on How to Get Out of Debt

It is everyone’s dream to always live a debt-free life but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Having a debt is not an unusual thing, but it all gets hard when it starts hindering your plans. There are many strategies on how to get out of debt and stop being a slave to creditors.

You will always have to repay that loan, regardless of the size or your current circumstances. Here are 5 personal financial tips that will help you eliminate or at least reduce your debts.

1. Cut your expenses

If you really want to eliminate your debts, you will have to work on your expenses. There are always those needs that could wait, or are just not as important as the loans. To be clear, I don’t mean you live a ‘begging life’, all you have to do is adjust your financial management.

You don’t have to go clubbing, for instance, every other day. You could save the cash and channel it to your creditors. Even the smallest amount can work miracles in your pursuit of a debt-free life. So, for a start, just reduce your spending and free as much money as you can.

2. Start by repaying the smallest debt.

You might be in a situation where you have to repay more than one creditor. Don’t panic, there is a way to work around your problem. You will first have to organize your debts from the smallest to the largest. Once you have your list in order, you can now start your plans of eliminating the smallest before focusing on the larger one.

In order to maintain a good credit status, you will have to have a regular repayment of all your loans. So, how do you eliminate the smaller one while regularly repaying the rest? All you have to do is channel a larger amount of your money to the smaller one and a small amount to the larger ones. After you are done with the smaller debt, shift your focus to the next smaller debt until that time when you will be remaining with one creditor to repay.

What this method does is give you that psychological motivation and with no time, you will be remaining with only one debt to repay.

3. Pay more on your outstanding loan

There is always a minimum amount set by either you or your creditor to repay in every installment. Following that plan is fine, but what if you want to get rid of your debt quickly? The answer is, repay more than the minimum per installment. This will reduce your repayment period.Some creditors might want you to formalize your adjustments but that is not always necessary.

Apart from reducing your repayment period, this method will also help you save on interest throughout the life of your loan. That, therefore, means you will repay lesser than you would have if you had used the normal repayment plan.

To reap the fruits out of this method, you will have to start sooner than later. The earlier you begin, the more you will save. So, start adjusting your monthly budget now.

4. Monetize your talent and use it to repay your debts

If you are dependent on your 8-5 job for your income, why not try something extra? Everyone has a talent. It could be sports, singing, playing musical instruments or even writing. There are many ways you could use your talent to earn that extra cash. You could use your musical talent every evening after your normal job and earn some extra dollars which will help you repay your debts.

If you are good at writing or blogging, there are lots of genuine websites out there that offer writing jobs. It might be a long shot to some, given the requirements, but it’s worth a try. So, grab your laptop and sign up to such websites and boost your repayment plan today.

5. Use any excess money for your loan repayment

There is always that extra cash that comes your way throughout the year. Make it an habit to always throw that extra cash at your debt. It could be very little but it helps. The more you do that, the faster you repay your loan.

Final thoughts

So there you have your 5 personal financial tips that will help you get out of your debt. Start with the simpler one and as you gain momentum, move to the more demanding ones. There is no success without sacrifice, so you might have to sacrifice a few o

How to Make a Blog

Learning how to create a website has become a common interest among tons of people all around the world, especially after these individuals learn about the possibility of being able to earn an actual income from the comfort and privacy of their own home. If you want to start a website, whether it’s for your own personal use and something fun to do or if you want to blog as a way to earn money from home, you need to do is follow a few simple instructions. And you can end up having a successful and interesting blog that other people can relate to and enjoy.

Getting Started with Blogging

If you want to learn how to make a blog, the first thing is to choose a niche for your blog. Of course, your blog could be about your daily rants or raves or anything you really like to talk about. However, picking a specific niche will help you to keep your blog as organized as you possibly can.

There are all types of niches that you can choose from. Some of the more popular niches include blogs on cooking, baking, beauty, pregnancy etc to name a few. When you choose to write about something, it should be something that you are truly passionate about. When you like a topic, you can talk about many things. You will also be able to provide your blog readers with plenty of useful information and advice. This by far is the best way for you to build a fan base for your website as well.

Creating and Developing Your Blog

After choosing a niche for your blog, you need to get started with the actual aspect of your blog. You can create your blog on a free website or you can purchase your own website, the latter is a better route to take. With your own website, you will have a clear and precise web address and will be able to do what you want with your website. You can get your own website by purchasing a domain from one of the many domain registrar websites. Once you purchase a domain, you will need to purchase hosting and of course the good news is that there are a plenty of affordable hosting plans available.

Now that you have a website, it’s time to install WordPress. WordPress will allow you to write your blogs and keep them organized. The good thing about this application is that you can even write blog posts ahead of time and set them to be made live on a specific date. WordPress is definitely ideal for all bloggers. People find it more convenient to use.


Once you have set up a blog and installed everything, you can start writing about what you are passionate about. Make sure that you also spend time marketing for your website and doing guest posts on other well-established websites to get more notice and attention for your new website. Always offer valuable content in your website to keep visitors interested and to get them to continue to come back. If visitors enjoy your website, they will more than likely tell their friends about your website as well. In reality, starting a website is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. It’s just a matter of getting the right guidance.

This is all you need to know about how to make a blog. Good luck!

Thank you!

Five Key Steps on How to Set Up a Blog


A blog, in simple terms is a website where you can post written content. The written content could be your own personal opinion or perspective about many issues like fashion, cooking, politics, among others. There is a comment section which you can use to gauge the traffic on your website and the general interest it is generating, interact and help you promote your blog. A blog can enable you write your story to a target audience, interact and make money.This article gives five steps on how to set up a blog .

1) Choose the name of the blog.

A blog name should be unique, descriptive and easy to remember. It really should be the topic of your blog. A blog site about farming for instance should have some term to do with farming in the blog name. A personal blog could best do with your name. A blog name is inadmissible without a domain extension, such as dot-com(.com), dot-org(.org) or dot-net(.net). If the blog name has already been used, you can add one or two characters to your blog name such as a dash (-).

2) Choose your blog host and blog software.

The most popular blog software is WordPress, with an estimated 72 million users. This is because it is free, secure, easy to use and customizable. Others are Tumblr and Blogger. A blog host is the organization that stores your blog on their servers. They include WordPrss.com, Hostgator, Bluehost, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Joomla among others.Click on the host website then choose the most basic plan for starters (you can update your plan later when your blog starts gaining traffic). After this, fill your domain name and billing details. Every blog host have their own procedures in this step but the end result is that you will fill your blog details ,pay hosting fee then create your own password.

3) Log into your blog and make suitable adjustments.

You will log in with the password you created after receiving an email confirmation of your details. After log in, install the blog software. Then you are free to customize your website with appropriate themes, web details, some introduction etc.

4) Write and publish your first post.

Now, with full administrator privileges, you are free to write your first post, edit it then publish. This is actually the main reason why you created the blog, and probably why you are learning how to set up a blog. Write about the things you are passionate about. If you love photography, you can share your knowledge and experiences about it. If you love extreme sports such as motor cross, you can share your reviews about your personal choice of motorcycle accessories like helmets, jackets, GPS, etc.

5) Publicize or promote your blog.

Your blog can only be effective if it reaches your targeted audience. Therefore, it is prudent to promote it. The most effective way is to share the link on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, where your friends too can know about it and help you market it. Alternatively, maintain the people who visit your blog, keep them coming by interacting more with them at the comment section, or sending an email to each of them. You can use your blog to market your products or sell advertising space based on the number of people who visit your blog. Some also use the advantages of PBN to increase their blog’s visibility in search engines.

Final Words

In conclusion, it is quite easy to create your own blog whenever you are ready. The fee charged by blog hosts is also usually low, and most of them offer a discount, and a payment plan. For a practical step by step process, check out www.blogstarter.com